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  • 32000+

    Hectares Under Management

  • 12.5+

    Million Trees Planted

  • 2+

    SFM Certifications

We develop high quality forest assets under a triple-bottom line approach.

Sustainable Forest Management requires a measured approach, defined through experienced, driven by standards and implemented with integrity. Core to our teams work at Forest Solutions are:

  • Clearly defined Work Standards
  • Careful cost control
  • Direct operations management
  • Rigorous performance auditing
  • Advanced forestry research
  • Effective technology support

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Group Overview

Merica Pty Ltd develops projects specifically to supply sustainably grown timber while protecting ecologically and socially important landscape values.

Our Services

Forest Solutions is a one-stop service provider covering all aspects from pre-start feasibility to long term project management.


Project Design and Feasibilty Assessment

Long term feasbility assessments and project plans in support of investment decisions.


Operations Planning and Drone Surveys

Detailed operational plans in support of compliance and performance measurement.


Contractor Appointments and Work Costings

Work contract formulation and costing to ensure long term viability.


Operations Management and Control Systems

Processes and systems designed to ensure productive and successful forest operations.


Standards Development and Training

Establishing universal performance, technical and safety requirements for operations.


Biological Asset Valuation

Forest valuation compliant to the MFRS141 Agriculture standard.

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