Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Glen MacNair, Managing Director

Partner, Managing Director at Forest Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd (FSM) and Managing Director of Forest Solutions Services Sdn Bhd (FSS).

Mr.MacNair earned his National Forestry Diploma at the Saasveld School of Forestry in South Africa (1989), where he completed his internships in Eastern Transvaal Sabie and the highly productive plantations of Zululand Natal. During his career (1987-1994) with Sappi Forest in Zululand, he worked as a Senior Harvesting Forester responsible for delivery of 300,000 m3 of eucalyptus timber per year.  As a Silvicultural Forester, he established 2,500 ha per year of Eucalyptus grandis.  In 1994, he moved to Sumatra, Indonesia, and worked for Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper Company as harvesting and production manager responsible for the delivery of up to 1,000,000 m3 per year and all of the logistics involved.  In 1997, Mr. MacNair moved from Indonesia to Malaysia.  He served as a training manager for the Forestry Training Centre of Malaysia and later as the forestry liaison to all State Government bodies, securing appropriate licenses, environmental impact assessment studies, and the implementation of ISO 14001 Standards. In 2002, Mr. MacNair became a consultant to the Forestry Department of Sarawak, with overall responsibility for 480,000 ha project, establishing 110,000ha of Acacia mangium. His unique approach to plantation development in Malaysia provides a sustainable model for other large plantation owners. With 25 years' experience in the forest industry and extensive international experience, Mr. MacNair is fluent in English, Afrikaans, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia and Zulu. He is now mastering a working knowledge of Mandarin

Chris Garside, Consulting & Technical Services Director

Director of Forest Solutions Malaysia Sdn Bhd (FSM) and Forest Solutions Services Sdn Bhd. (FSS).

Mr. Garside is in charge of Planning and Technical Services. Prior to joining Forest Solutions, Mr. Garside was the Planning Manager for Grand Perfect Sdn. Bhd., the turnkey contractor on the greenfield Planted Forest Project in Bintulu, Malaysia.  Mr. Garside joined the project at its inception in 1996 and was initially tasked with establishing GIS mapping systems and quantity survey workflows. The quantity survey teams and software systems he and his staff developed and processed over 12,000 km of survey data in support of over 8,000 contractor payments totaling USD110 million. In 2001 he was appointed Operations Planning Manager and assumed direct responsibility for project budgeting, strategic and operational planning, resource management, plantation quality control and a staff of 75 people. His quantity control teams successfully audited 1,700 ha of planting and 3,400 ha of maintenance operations monthly. Mr. Garside also was made responsible for the Plantation Information Systems and became adept in the development and application of technology in support of plantation operations.  He has 19 years of forestry experience gained in South Africa (Eucalyptus plantations), Scotland (Skyline Harvesting) and Malaysia and earned his National Forestry Diploma at Saasveld School of Forestry in South Africa (1995).

Yap Li Ling, Corporate Affairs Director

Li Ling has been with the group since its inception and has been instrumental in the incorporation and structuring of our companies. Currently, Li Ling has oversight over project expenditure and funding and manages our professional accounting  and secretarial service providers.

Emily Bong, Finance and Admin Manager

Emily joined the FSM team in 2014 as the Senior Accounts and Admin Executive. Emily is responsible for the oversight of the companies’ expenditure and funding requirements as well managing the companies accounting and secretarial service providers. Emily completed her tertiary studies obtaining her Bachelor Honours Degree in Finance in 2004. She has over 12 years of working experience in accounting, finance management, human resource and administration working in a number of different industries such as shipping, property and now our forestry management company.

Michelle Sia Yin Ling, Accounts Officer

Michelle brings over 15 years experience to her role as Accounts Officer. She is responsible to assist on the administration of the association’s financial accounts. Prior to becoming Accounts Officer, Michelle worked as FSM Accounts and Admin Executive and in various accounting positions with Construction Industry, Electric Power Industry, Hospitality Industry and Quarry Industry.

Rosalia Chin, System Developer

Rosalia joined the FSM team in 2011 as GIS Analyst for the AFCS project managed by FSM, where she was responsible for all mapping and production tracking work. Having come from a technincal background, Rosalia was recruited into the Head Office in 2012,  adding valuable depth to our consulting, planning and software development programs

Kota Marudu, Sabah, Malaysia

Thondik Venantius, Projects Director

Thondik is the Project Manager responsible for the AFCS ITP Project managed by FSM. Mr. Thondik was born in Labuan, Malaysia. After graduating, he joined the Forestry Department in Sandakan as a Forester for four years. In 1983 he moved on to work with Sabah Forest Industry Sdn Bhd for over 13 years where he gained considerable experience working in various sections and completing his tenure as Wood Yard Superintendent. In 1997, he moved on to work in the tree plantation industry in Sarawak where, as the Senior Forester and later as Assistant Area Manager of Borneo Pulp and Paper, he was responsible for 14,000 ha of plantation establishment. In 2002 he joined TA ANN Plywood as Assistant Plantation Manager before returning to SFI as Assistant Manager responsible for 42,000 ha of tree plantation. In 2010, he joined Forest Solutions Malaysia with responsibility for developing the AFCS plantation while meeting operational goals and providing leadership for the Plantation Development team.

Clive Scheepers, Operations Director

Clive recently joined our team as a specialist in forest operations and management. Clive started his career working for South Africa Pulp and Paper Industries Ltd where he worked for a period of 8 years becoming Management Forester for the SAPPI Escarpment Region. In this time he oversaw the first SAPPI plantation to achieve FSC Certification and received numerous awards for operational excellence. In the period 2000 to 2009, Clive ran his own successful contracting business, providing silviculture services to SAPPI in the Lowveld Region with his team of 300 staff and workers. In late 2009 and up until 2013, Clive held various senior management positions on green-field plantation projects in Mozambique. He has 24 years of forestry experience and earned his National Forestry Diploma at Saasveld School of Forestry in South Africa (1990)

Dhaya Leroy, Project Finance & Administration Director

Leroy received his tertiary education in Malaysia and furthered his studies in the United Kingdom where he completed his professional degree. Subsequently he gained membership as an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. He has worked and lived in Malaysia for over 17 years of which almost 10 years have been spent in Sabah working in the plantation sector.  Previously, Leroy was working as a Cost Accountant for the Sabah Forest Industries planted forest with an overall planting area exceeding 100,000 hectares. His work largely involved the preparation of the annual budgets of both the Plantation and the Forest and Timber Division as well as developing and implementing control and reporting systems

Manuel Espey, R&D Manager

Manuel is the Senior Project Development Forester responsible for research & nursery operations of the AFCS Tree Plantation Project. Manuel was born in Essen, Germany. After graduating from the Forestry Faculty in Goettingen/ Germany, he received Forest Inspector's Certification and joined the State Forestry Department in Woerlitz/ Germany as Assistant Manager of the Forestry Department. In 2002, he moved on to work with Schrader Environmental Management in Selangor, Malaysia for over 3 years as Site Manager, responsible for logging and infrastructure development. In 2006, he worked with Forst-UTech as Forest Services Staff in Germany, providing wood harvest, planting & maintenance services and later worked with International Forest Management Consultants GmbH, to carry out forest resource assessments in Brazil and Sabah. At the end of 2007, he moved on to work with Asia Prima Resources in Pahang, Malaysia as a FSC Officer transferring to Sabah to work on the Hijauan Bengkoka Plantations as Log Yard Manager, Harvesting Manager, Assistant Plantation Manager & Plantation Manager. In 2011, he took on responsibility for harvesting, replanting, maintenance & nursery operations of the AFCS Project.

Parasul Bin Basang, Liaison Officer - CDP (Bengkoka)

Parasul joined the AFC team in Dec 2008 as Junior Security Officer. Main duties are to conduct survey within the boundary perimeter for the AFC concession area. Upon confirm in June 2009, he was promoted as Security Officer. July 2011 he was appointed as CDP Liaison Officer for the Community Development Project (CDP) and his task is more on resolving native land issues, dealing with Head of the villages, hold formal discussion and dialogue with the relevant head of the community, implementation of company’s community survey process and community development strategy. He also monitors and evaluating all community projects such as water gravity system, community halls, sanitation, kindergarten building and so on. In addition to that he is also assisting on preparation of yearly budgets and progress report. His role as involves strengthening partnerships with local communities, Government, local and international NGOs, project partners.

Fredolen Karjing, Harvesting Manager (Nibang)

Fredolen joined FSM in September 2011 as Production Officer. With more than 15 year working experience for SFI in logging, harvesting, controlling and monitoring the loading and unloading log at the log yard for local sales. Main duties and task are to supervise, monitor and control the logging production movement and activities to ensure that contractors are in compliance with Terms and Conditions stipulated in contract and Forestry Department procedure and policies. He is checking and compiling all log lists provided by the contractor for Royalty payment to Forestry Department and Premium Payment to AFC. In addition to that, he is also taking charge of Security Department.

Phylis Errisson Gandi, Silviculture Management Forester (Nibang)

Phylis joined the FSM team in 2010 as Junior Conservation Officer. Main duties are to plan, develop and implement the company’s conservation strategy. August 2011 confirmed as Conservation Officer as his responsibilities involves carrying out in field biodiversity surveys, environmental planning in additional to strengthening partnership with local communities, government, local and international NGOs, as well as other agencies. Due his interest and keen to learn and acquire more on establishment on plantation we transfer him to Plantation Department as Silviculture Forester in October 2012 and base at our base camp. His roles are to monitor and quantify the production target monthly.

Jevronnie Mandek, Planning Manager

Jevronnie joined the FSM team in October 2014 as Planning Forester. Main duties are to assist the Project Manager and Resource & Planning Manager particularly in Forestry and Plantation Planning such as Survey Work, Quality Checking, Road Design, Riparian Zone as well other protected area. Once a while he needs to give training to FSM and Contractor staff where necessary regarding Survey Work Standard. A degree holder in Bachelor of Science in Forestry from UMS, Sabah and have 4 years working experience in Forestry Industry. Before joining FSM he was working at Sapulut Forestry Development Sdn Bhd as Senior Forestry Officer.

Wilvia Olivia William, Conservation Officer

Wilvia joined the FSM team in February 2013 until June 2013 on temporary basis as Conservation Supervisor. Her main duties are to assist in develop and implement the company’s conservation strategy as trained and guide the visiting Raleigh team on any community development project involved. She was confirmed as staff on July 2013 and was assign to construct the Research Centre for Conservation and other research as well as based camp for Forestry staff and visiting scientist in future for projects within our operation. Before she join us she worked 6 months for the Wetland (NGO) Sabah as Environmental Education Assistant & Admin and 4 months at WWF Kota Kinabalu (NGO) for Wildlife Conservation Awareness Program.

Milian Bruslim, System Specialist

Milian joined the FSM team in October 2011 as Account Clerk. A job scope and work assignment which is very new to her however she manage to handle it well. She has a Degree Holder in Geology (Bachelor of Science with Honours). She was transfer to GIS Section as GIS Operator (Trainee) in December 2012 to produce mapping for the operations area with the assistance from the GIS HQ in KK. In July 2013 she was confirming as GIS Operator and manages the planning office solely. She reports directly to the Project Manager and make sure that map, work order, QS/QC requisition for contact work are recorded and paid accordingly.

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