The FSM team is capable of adding value to virtually all aspects of your forestry operations, planning and management. We specialise in the management of green-field forestry starts-ups. We also provide short term advisory services and technical support through our software development and mapping system expertise.

Forest Planning and Management

FSM provides expert assistance in Nursery Design, Construction and Operations, Contracting Agreement and Contractor Management, Mapping and Survey, Logging, Silviculture and Roading Operations, R&D Programs, Fire Prevention and Suppression Planning, Plantation Harvesting and Wood Utilisation...

Land Stewardship

Landscapes in Hawaii vary from high quality native ecosystems through areas substantially degraded by substandard logging or grazing practices. Forest Solutions manages land across this continuum, planning and executing restoration activities on degraded pastures as well as monitoring ecosystem health in extant forest...

Consulting and Independant Audits

FSM offers consulting and auditing services in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Community Development Planning, Conservation Management Planning, Operations Auditing and Quality Assurance Systems ...

Management Information Systems

FSM offers various database development options for Plantation Management, Conservation biodiversity monitoring and advanced GIS Land Use Planning ...

Forest Planning
and Project Management
Consulting and
Independent Audits
Information Systems