Nursery Technician Position Opening
,Forest Solutions Inc., Hawaii, 2019-06-18

About Forest Solutions
Forest Solutions is the leading forest consulting group in Hawaiʻi since 1997, specializing in native forest silviculture, invasive weed management, forest inventory, and management planning.
We are a team-oriented group where each person brings unique experience and insight into resource management challenges in Hawaiʻi. Our approach to land stewardship is informed by practical field experience; we have 4 crews undertaking a variety of tasks across thousands of acres. As a part of our team, you can form an integral part of preparing and implementing long term forest management plans.

About the Position
We are seeking a dedicated, detail-oriented and discrete nursery technician to grow thousands of native seedlings, primarily sandalwood and koa, in a remote nursery in the South Kona area. The nursery site is located about 30 minutes from Hawaiʻi Belt road traveling uphill on all-weather gravel roads.
Nursery technician will be working directly under the supervision of a senior forester with production nursery experience. Over time, the role is expected to evolve into a self-directed, task-oriented position.
This is a full time, year-round position.

Principal Responsibilities
- Collect, clean, dry, catalog and store native seeds, maintain a database of stored seed
- Prepare and sow seeds to produce seedlings in accordance with a strict delivery schedule
- Calibrate and maintain the irrigation system, set watering schedules, calculate water consumption budget
- Mix potting media, develop new media mixes according to species
- Transplant emerging seedlings into pots
- Sanitize nursery facilities, keep seedlings, pots, and facility free of weeds and infectious propagules
- Prepare fertigation mixes, develop new calibrations based on seedling requirements
- Control pests using integrated pest management criteria, develop novel methods of reducing pest occurrence
- Apply chemical pesticides and fertilizers as needed to achieve production targets

Additional Duties
- Maintain a database of sown seeds and germinated seedlings with respect to outstanding nursery orders and sowing batches
- Prepare annual work plan, submit written monthly reports tracking progress
- Prepare an annual budget, track expenditures by type and keep relevant production records
- Keep a record of seed & seedling ownership according to client
- Communicates with clients and other forest managers as needed
- Represents company or clients at public and private meetings

Candidate Selection Criteria
The successful candidate will have a BA / BS degree or equivalent experience in biology, botany, forestry, or related area. Production nursery experience is preferred but not required. The position is expected to be 10% outdoor work, 80% propagation work, and 10% record-keeping.

Essential Qualifications
1. Working knowledge of propagation techniques and plant nutrition
2. Physically able to stand for long periods of time, lift 50 lbs., walk long distances over rough terrain to collect seeds
3. Experience operating small power tools such as edgers, leafblower or weedeaters safely
4. Able to use computer and Microsoft Office suite, able to create and maintain simple databases (MS Access) and spreadsheets, able to write simple monthly reports
5. Willing to work alone for long periods of time, self-motivated and task-oriented
6. Willing to mix and apply pesticides and chemical fertilizers in strict accordance with label requirements
7. Able to drive 4WD, vehicles on rough roads, valid driver’s license
8. Able to legally work in the United States

Desirable Qualifications
1. Knowledge of common native Hawaiian species
2. Experience working with other professionals in a collaborative environment
3. Supervisory experience, volunteer or otherwise
4. Knowledge of Hawaiian culture & natural resources values
5. Pesticide applicator certification in Hawaiʻi

Compensation / Benefits
Compensation based on experience, with competitive wages, vehicle allowance, dental, vision, and general healthcare provided. Expected to start at 40K+ per year.

To Apply
If interested, please submit:
1. Cover letter highlighting abilities relevant to nursery work
2. Résumé or CV
3. List of at least 3 references we can contact
4. Academic summary if less than 2 years of related experience

Electronically (preferred):

Applications received until July 08, 2019, candidate selection to conclude by July 14. Expected start date is July 29, 2019.
Posted: 18 June 2019
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